Nest in the Wind

Topics: Kava, Federated States of Micronesia, Hypertension Pages: 11 (2715 words) Published: April 10, 2012
ANT 200 Book Test

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1. Contrast Pohnpeian and industrial explanations on how the island came into being. a. The Pohnpeian explanation is an example of a supernatural creation story. b. Pohnpeians explain that an octopus directed Sapikini to the island. c. The industrial explanation is based on science.

d. People in industrial society say volcanoes erupted and formed the island. e. all of the above

2. What was the nature of Ward’s study on Pohnpei?
a. how matrilineal descent changed to patrilineal even before modernization. b. how fish and other ocean foods took over the diet, which lead to rising mercury levels. c. an investigation of how women were able to control the political strings on Pohnpei. d. how it is possible that religious beliefs on Pohnpei have changed so little. e. none of the above

3. Why were the results of the Navy ship Whidby important to their research? a. they provided the “before” look at health on Pohnpei. b. they provided the “after” look at health on Pohnpei. c. they provided anthropology’s first glimpse into an untouched society. d. they provided detailed information on Pohnpei political organization. e. all of the above

4. The research project was conducted using the following method(s): a. Participant observation
b. census taking and survey
c. Interviews
d. Physical exams
e. All of the above

5. The researchers conducted their study in three districts because: a. They wanted to compare the effects of different language dialects on culture change. b. They wanted to determine whether urbanization had an effect on blood pressure. c. There were not enough people in any one district to do an adequate study. d. The National Institute of Health required it.

e. All of the above

6. In 1970, how was descent on Pohnpei determined?
a. patrilinealy
b. matrilinealy
c. bilaterally
d. uterolinealy

7. Which statement is the most accurate?
a. Japanese and American influences affected Pohnpei diet in a positive manner because it brought higher iron content, and more vitamins in general. b. The Japanese influenced Pohnpei diet through health awareness seminars and other public outreach programs. c. The US introduction of vitamin supplements improved local diets. d. Japanese and American influences affected Pohnpei diet through the introduction of canned fish and meats, white rice and flour, and sugar.

8. How is clan membership important on Pohnpei?
a. it guides marriage choices
b. political titles are inherited through clan lines
c. social status is inherited through clan lines
d. people jockey to gain power by marrying into a prestigious clan e. all of the above

9. Why can’t the author hire local youth to conduct interviews? a. they are not considered adults so they cannot ask personal questions b. they do not have sufficient titles
c. no one with higher status would listen to them
d. the entire project would be considered unimportant
e. all of the above

10. Who ends up being the main interviewer for the project?
a. Jack
b. the author herself
c. Floyd
d. Sohn Alpet
e. a much older, high status native woman

11. Courtship and sex on Pohnpei:
a. not at all like in the U.S.
b. from our perspective, generally quite promiscuous.
c. public dating is out of the question.
d. flexible; even after marriage one is supposed to be “relatively faithful.” e. all of the above

12. Why might sexual values be so different on Pohnpei than in the U.S.? a. on Pohnpei descent is traced matrilineally; there is no need to know a child’s father. b. because Pohnpeians are sinners.

c. because Pohnpeians are so inbred anyway, it doesn’t really matter. d. because Pohnpeians have so much cultural influence from Asia rather than the U.S.

13. How did islanders resolve Maria’s preference for and exhibition of male behavior? a. they...
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