Nervous System Essay

Topics: 2008 singles, Mount Everest, Neuron Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: December 8, 2011

About fifteen years ago I was climbing Mount Everest and lost my footing and fell a good ways down the mountain, my leg was broken I couldn’t move I tried to get up and walk but I would just fall right back down. This story is about how my Nervous System and my body itself saved my life.

I was sitting on top of Mount Everest for what had been three days now. I was cold scared and had little food, I was doing my best to stay warm but I wouldn’t do it alone my body had to help out. My body was doing its best to maintain homeostasis. The brain is using my spinal cord to shake my body, (shivering) so that I may stay moving and stay somewhat warm. At this point I’m terrified almost certain that I wasn’t going to survive. Another cold night has passed and at this point I am telling myself that I have to move I have to get somewhere warmer, I crawled as best as I can for about 3 hours and found myself in a cave, it was warmer in this cave then in was outside. I am proud of myself I made it somewhere warm. I’m hungry, I don’t want to eat the last of my food, and I’ll have to save it for when I really need it. I kept myself warm and alive for two days and finally gave in. I ate the rest of my food which wasn’t much at all.

I finished eating the food, and I’m still starving, at this point I realize that I’m not going to survive this situation. I just give in, and I lay there, shivering and I don’t have anything covering me keeping me warm it made no since to me to try and save my own life I was too far up the mountain to climb down and there was no way that someone was looking for me. I decided to try and fall asleep. Maybe I would die sleeping, it as I finally started to doze off I heard footsteps, and I thought it was a bear or some type of animal the footsteps were getting louder. I thought I was going to die for sure, not from the cold weather but from something wild that wanted to eat just as much as I did. Just as I thought it was over for me I heard...
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