Nervous System and Psychology Participant Pool

Topics: Nervous system, Brain, Neuron Pages: 5 (1783 words) Published: September 28, 2012
1)Psychology is best defined as the science of behavior and mental processes. 2)A cognitive psychologist would be most likely to design a study of the processes involved in decision making. 3)Roy is interested in the details of the relationship between brain structures and behavior. Roy is most likely a biological psychologist. 4)Wanda is interested in various kinds of changes that people go through in old age (56 years or older). Into which area of specialization in psychology does this research fall? Developmental. 5)The tasks of an industrial/organizational psychologist include improving supervisors’ leadership skills, creating maximum- efficiency work groups and suggesting other research based programs designed to increase efficiency. 6)Empiricists such as John Locke, George Berkeley, and David Hume believed that the mind is like a blank slate at birth and that knowledge comes from experience and observation. 7)”The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is a belief associated with the Gestalt view of psychology. 8)Which of the following beliefs would a collectivist society support? Restraining oneself to be part of a social unit is good 9)An industrial/organizational psychologist during cross-cultural work finds that in Country Alam, the workers have the highest job satisfaction when they are rewarded for their accomplishments and quality of work, Country Alam probably has an individualist culture. 10)The terms “variables” is best defined as the specific factors or characteristics that are manipulated or measured in research. 11)Dan performs the same experiment of different occasions. Each time he performs the experiment his data suggests different conclusions. The results from Dan’s experiment lack relativity. 12)The major limitation of naturalistic observation in the study of human behavior is that the observer might influence the behavior being studied. 13)Which correlation coefficient indicates the strongest relationship between two variables? -1.00 14)Tai is interested in how alcohol consumption affects driving ability. He gives college student two, four, or six beers and then measures how many obstacles the students “hit” when they are in a driving stimulator. The dependent variable is the number of obstacles hit. 15)Dr. Summers investigated the influence of snacking on the onset of sleep in preschool children. One group of preschoolers ate a candy bar prior to bedtime, and the other group ate nothing. Time until the onset of sleep was recorded for each child. In this experiment eating or not eating the snack is the independent variable, and he time until the onset of sleep is the dependent variable. 16)Rica has children watch either violent or nonviolent cartoons. Afterward she watches to see which group of children gets into the most fights. In this study, the number of fights that each child engages in is the dependent variable. 17)A researcher at Oak Tree University has students the psychology participant pool fill out a survey about life satisfaction. This psychology participant pool represents a biased sample of the adult population in the United States. 18)Behavioral genetics is the study of how genes affect behavior. 19)When is it allowable for subjects to be exposed to risk or discomfort during research? Only when minimal risk and discomfort are outweighed by the benefit to the knowledge base and to human welfare. 20)Biological psychology is the study of the physical and chemical factors that influence or cause behavior and mental processes. 21)What type of psychologist would probably have written a paper titled “Emotion and Chemical Change: The relationship”? Biological 22)Eycine operated the telephone switchboard at a large company, answering calls and directing them to the appreciated extensions. Remembering her introductory psychology class, she decided that her situation was much like that if the dendrites and axons of neurons, because numerous people could call...
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