Nervous Breakdown

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  • Published : November 26, 2010
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QUESTION: Have you ever had the experience of getting nervous breakdown during examination? If so, explain the process in order to avoid a nervous breakdown during exams.

No matter how much we do to prevent it, exams are almost always going to be accompanied by stress. One of the reasons that cause the students felt stress and getting nervous breakdown during examination is the students afraid of not being capable to revise all the important material before the exam and the anxious to get a well result in the exam. To perform well in the exam, we should learn the ways to avoid a nervous breakdown during exams. Firstly, all of us should know that we should not playing ‘catch-up’ when the examination nearby. Most of the students not concentrate during the lessons or absence the classes, and they like to playing catch-up when the exams nearby. The students will felt stress due to not enough time to revise all materials that given by teacher. The students should make an effort to attend every class and put a fully concentrate during the lesson. When exams approach, students should give themselves ample time in which to study. First, students can make a list of all the topics that need to be revised from syllabus. Clearly know the target will relief students from any unhealthy pressure. Second, students must be able to know the best time to study during the day and have a planned time table. Students can arrange for study time table to occur during their peak concentration hours. For example, if you think that you can do your best work in the morning, schedule a study time after the breakfast. Students should not take the all time of a day to do their revise because this might cause them felt more stress. Students should learning to relax by taking time for themselves. Students can take breaks of fifteen to twenty minutes after every 120 minutes during revision time. Students can practice some relaxation techniques and do it when...
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