Neruda Love Hate Relationship

Topics: English-language films, Pablo Neruda, Love Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Johnny Barreto
English Comp B
Dr. Mandwee
A Love, Hate Relationship

Why do relationships fail? Love is the glue that keeps people together. Pablo Neruda had a lover of his own which he mentioned in his writings. Not an ordinary relationship between this man and woman. In Pablo Neruda’s poem “Widowers Tango” the relationship failed because the lack of trust, fighting, and jealousy, on behalf of the woman. Love can keep a relationship strong, but it only takes a bit of hatred to tear a relationship apart as it did with Neruda.

Neruda expresses his great love for the woman he calls “sweet Josie Bliss” in the “Widowers Tango”. He writes about her in a few separate occasions in “Tonight I Can Write… & Widowers Tango”. The love these two couples share is stunning, beautiful. In “Tonight I Can Write”, the way Neruda speaks of Josie, the passion in his writing, “through nights like this I held her in my arms. I kissed her again and again under the endless sky.” Clearing, it seems like Neruda’s love for this woman is very strong and endless. Later in his writing he says “she loved me and sometimes I love her…. I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.” So it is very mysterious how they can love each other only when they want to. Love does not work like that, you do not wake up in the morning thinking your going to love your girlfriend today or your not. Neruda definitely had a questionable relationship.

The relationship did not work because Josie Bliss was a very jealous woman, having no trust for Neruda, and was very hateful, having nothing but a cold heart. Neruda speaks about Josie in many nice ways about her but also in bad ways, the bad ways out numbering the good. “The mad dog that you harbor in your heart … later you will find buried near the coconut tree is the knife which I hid there for fear you would kill me.” When Neruda says mad dog, he is explaining the hatred Josie has inside her, very crazy and unpredictable. Crazy soon turns into an...
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