Nerd Party: Brand Management and Product Launch Event

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“Nerd Party”
MK 3219: Event Marketing
Instructor: Dr. Kim Chung

Members’ name:
Baltabayeva Aizhan, 20090125 Batyrbekova Aizhan, 20090213 Ganiyev Ablaikhan 20082607 Iliasova Akbota 20090682 Sagiev Sultangali 20082733


I Intoroduction
• About company
II Main body
• The event, Nerd party
• 3Es
• 5Ws
• Quality of product
• Office location
• Sposonrs
• Banner design, Promotion
• Budget

III Conclustion
• Difficulties and ways to improve

About us

We are young company which is working on creating and producing the bow-ties. Design, form, size could be chosen by customer. ➢ Positions:
Baltabayeva Aizhan- President of “Entertainment”
Batyrbekova Aizhan- Vice- President
Ganiyev Ablaikhan – Director of Budget Committee
Iliasova Botagoz – Top Manager of marketing department
Sagiev Sultangali- Top Manager of consulting department

❖ Our Contacts
Call us: 8 (727) 2621991
Email us:
Fax us: 22 5456
Location: Nurly Tau business center 5A, office 304, Al-Farabi Ave./Zheltoksan Str. [pic]

Main body
The event Nerd Party
The product launch:

On our event we were presenting the new line of accessories which were made by Batyrbekova Aizhan (handmade). The design of the bow- tie she did herself. The bow-ties were dressed on our singer, Zarina, on dancers and on organizers. There were bow-ties in different colors: blue, white, red, orange green .The illustration is below. [pic]

At 9 p.m. we had to run the presentation of our line of accessories. Presenting the bow-ties and also we provide the ties as a prizes for participants in competitions. The price of bow-tie is approximately 2000 KZT, not including the individual design.

❖ 3 E’s
• Entertainment
Entertainment Marketing is one of the fastest growing elements within the marketing mix today. For our company it helps create an emotional connection with your target audiences, keeping your brand relevant and generating tremendous results. We focus on connecting clients’ brands to programs that make the most sense for the brand, and developing ideas and plans for integrating the brand with the entertainment world.

On our event we had different types of entertainment such as: professional singer, ex-soloist of popular Kazakhstani girl band Zarina Abdualieva, charming dancers Kamilla and Olesya. Also the show program with the competitions and the winner got a surprises from our sponsors or the accessories from our collection. • Entrepreneurship

What exactly is marketing and why it is vital to the entrepreneur? For us, Marketing is everything we do to place your product or service in the hands of customers. It is also an opportunity for people with entrepreneurial skill, insight and highest awareness on how to effectively reach potential customers, successfully promote their products and make it most appealing to a greater number of consumers. It includes such diverse disciplines like sales, public relations, pricing, packaging and distribution. If business is all about people, money and the art of persuading, then marketing is all about finding the right people to persuade. The most brilliant marketing strategy will not help earn a profit or achieve a dream if it is not built around potential clients. A strategy that is not based on...
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