Nepali Music

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Nepal Music

The rhythm, beats, bounce of Nepali traditional folk and classical music is spiritual enough to sooth you and entertaining enough to cheer you. Music is associated with every event in Nepal, then be it birth, marriage,festivals or National events.

Various songs, musical instruments and dances are connected with various religious, social and cultural life of the Nepalese. Music is the heartbeat of Nepal. Music is associated to every event of life, then be it festivals, feasts, marriage, birth ceremonies or funeral processions. The main genres of Nepali music are pop, rock, folk, and classical. There are a number of other genres that are yet to be cataloged. 

Fast Facts
Traditional Nepali Music| Imported Music|
Newari Music| Indian MusicBhajanFilmi music|
Khas Music| Western MusicRock & RollRockMetalLatinoPunkHip-HopRap| Gurung Music| |
Kirant Music| |
Tamang Music| |
Magar Music| |
Sherpa Music| |
Maithili Music| |
Bhojpuri Music| |

Popular Indigenous Nepalese Music 
The following music genres have their roots in Nepal and are therefore considered to be indigenous. This includes:-

Newari Music
The Newars are well-known for their Newari music. It mainly consists of percussion instruments, some wind instruments and no string instruments. All the castes have their musical tunes and bands. Music is cherished by people of all walks of life. There are tunes of certain festivals and seasons and even of certain times of day. The God of artists called Nâsadya is found in all the Newar localities. The presence of a Newari musical band in a guthi is considered as a sign of opulence.

Khas Music
Khas music belongs to the Khas society where castes like Damai used to play a number of instruments on occasions such as marriages, birth and other feasts. This tradition is now on decline owing to the growing popularity of television, radio and other means of mass communication. The minstrels used to play...
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