Nepal Tourism Year

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Opportunities and Challenges of Nepal Tourism Year 2011
Nepal tourism year 2011 was recently launched with the motive to bring about 1 Million Tourists to Nepal in the year 2011. It’s a three year program launched with the purpose of this program is to promote the tourism sector of Nepal internationally highlighting the Nepalese art, culture, bio-diversity and stakeholder business through E-marketing globally are other vital objectives of this project. Its viability lies within the marketing options and efforts that are available where the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoTCA) and the private sectors need to coordinates in an effectively and efficiently. Opportunities of NTY 2011:

Development of rural areas
Development of infrastructure(Proper roads, electricity, water supply, hospitals, communication etc) Development of economic status of people
Opportunity of Proper research and development of tourism product Increases employment opportunities
Increases the chance of better investment options and opportunities

Challenges of NTY 2011

Lack of international Airport
Growing Cut throat competition
Lack of proper infrastructure and resources
Lack of qualitative human resource
Destination getting expensive due to service charge and VAT
Lack of proper Training centers
Lack proper monitoring mechanism for tourism field and tourists Increase of online fraud cases
Risk of sex tourism and prostitution
Political instability and chaos making the destination unpopular

How to tackle the problem?
1. As the market is growing and competition is also taking its toll. Tourism is the most sustainable business which runs on local resources and facilities where the possibilities of development and growth are immense. With the advent of technology and cyber space the world has become a smaller place where people very interested and willing to know about what’s happening around the world. Nepal is in currently going...
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