Neolithic Revolution: Outcomes, Impacts and Achievements

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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(Neolithic Revolution)
Before the Neolithic Revolution took place at about 10,000 BCE people were nomads also known as hunters and gathers. Nomads traveled in groups of twenty to thirty people at a time and went where the food was. The men went hunting the food and women stayed to gather berries and other edible food. The tools most of the people used were simple and not advanced.

As time went on humans began to cultivate their own crops and domesticate or tame their own animals allowing them to stay in one place. As this was introduced they changed from the Paleolithic age to the Neolithic age. Settlements became permanent and families expanded and communities grew. This is the age when social classes first emerged. In some communities were usually run by a council of elders composed up of the heads of various families. Some of the villages were run by a chief leader. In this time period families were patriarchal or the father or eldest man in the household was in charge of the family. The women were mostly used for child bearing and house work after they began the settlement

Your social class was determined by your job you held most often. Possible jobs you could hold were a warrior an artisans or craftsmen. Other jobs were priests or a farmer. Depending on the community you belonged to priests and warriors were usually on top. While the artisans and farmers were in the lower class in society. Sometimes as when resources became scarce and limited warfare would increase among villages. During this period of war some men would gain the title of great warrior putting them at the top of their social class. As this is revolution continued the tools became more advanced and families became extended families more than just immediate families. Some of the tools invented to make life more simple/easy to live were metal tools such as the plow and hoe or metal weapons. Other inventions included pottery and weaving. These simple inventions that seem now so out...
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