Neolithic and Patheolithic

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  • Published : September 3, 2007
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Both the Patheolithic and the Neolithic societies are comparable in the areas of their uses of fire; however the Patheolithic had different religious beliefs than the Neolithic society. Fire was a shared tool used between the Patheolithic and the Neolithic. Perhaps, this is because fire is one of the oldest tools known to man. In addition, fire has many uses, which could also be a reason both societies shared it. The uses of fire were cooking, to control their own use of light and warmth, protection from wild animals, and torches for hunting. Cooking the meat and vegetables also made them tastier and easier to digest. Another connection between the Patheolithic and the Neolithic was meat. Although, the Patheolithic hunted the animals, and the Neolithic had domesticated the animals, it is still a likeness the two societies share. Examples of the animals hunted and the animals domesticated are sheep and goats, and eventually cattle and pigs. The Neolithic society was more likely to eat at feasts. People from the Patheolithic time didn't have too much of an occupation. They had to focus on finding enough food to survive, which was basically their occupation. The women did most of the gathering, cooking, and caring for the children, while the men were best used for hunting due to their stronger arms and shoulders. Early cave art suggests the theory that men were the hunters. On the other hand, the Neolithic people had a handful of jobs. Sewing, building, and tool making were amongst their main responsibilities. Stone workers constructed sharp tools, shiny fashion jewelry, and mirrors. House builders built most houses for artistic and religious purposes. Another job for the people were mining flint rocks and obsidian. Without written texts, it is difficult to understand the religious beliefs of the Patheolithic society. However, paintings found in caves express that the people had an established religion. Burials found hundreds of thousands of years...
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