Neodymium Madness

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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The purpose of this lab is to experience and qualitiviely analyze principles of magnetic fields and forces, their sources, and interactions with moving charged particles. To accomplish this lab, we will do 5 stations, and we need these instruments: several magnets which have different sizes, a board, a piece of alumium metal, a battery, two pieces of wires, a nail, a 180cm copper pipe. Station1, we tilt a smooth board and roll the neodymium down it, the track is curve because the magnetic field of the earth is affecting the magnet. The effect most pronounced when the magnet is rolling NS/SN. Station 2, we roll a neodymium down an aluminum strip set 5 degrees. The track is like an S when it rolls from EW/WE. We found out if we place the magnet closer to the Earth’s magnetic field, there will be greater magnetic force affecting on it, and push it toward the geographic field, if we place a larger magnet, nothing will be change due to there will be more Fg; the magnet will curves in a zigzag direction due to the magnetic field push and the geographic field pull it, therefore, there will be a changing flux between the magnet and conductor, which means there will be an induced current. It’s proved Lenz’s law. Station 3, we place a magnet on the head of the nail, connect the tip of the nail and the bottom of the battery, but stay out of the groove. Then with the wire complete the circuit through the side of the magnet, this device becomes a motor. When I flip the magnet over, the magnet and the nail will roll to the opposite direction; if I flip the battery over but remain the magnet and the nail, the magnet and the nail will roll to the opposite direction. Station 4, set a magnet on a battery's side, and use a curve piece of copper wire as a D shape to complete the two pole of the battery. At this time, there will be a force affecting the wire. When North Pole of the magnet is face to the battery, the force to the wire will point to right side of the battery. When I...
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