Neoclassical and Romantic Writing

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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[pic]NEOCLASSICAL and ROMANTIC  Literature:
Some General Distinctions
|  |NEOCLASSIC |ROMANTIC | |Quality of poetry |[pic]decorum, concision, restraint, balance, reason, regularity, wit |[pic]emotion, introspection, passion, sublimity, beauty, spontaneity, irregularity, | | | |picturesque | |Subjects |[pic]public and political concerns, social responsibility, manners & morals; "The |[pic]humankind generally, nature & the soul, spiritual identity; a-political (or | | |proper study of mankind is Man" (Pope) |radical) | | |[pic]natural world serves as an image of or analogy for human concerns |[pic]human value, perception and wholeness, often evoked through and deeply | | |[pic]deals with polite, urbane society, upper and middle classes; the natural world |connected to the natural world | | |serves as an image of or analogy for human concerns |[pic]inclusion of the elderly, women, children, the rural and the unlettered | |Values |[pic]absolute, public, rational, humanist |[pic]private, spiritual, universal through Spirit in nature and in humankind | |The poet |[pic]urbane, witty, gentlemanly, moral, incisive; good sense, good humour, learning,|[pic]solitary,...
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