Neo Nazism Today

Topics: Nazism, Neo-Nazism, Racism Pages: 5 (2030 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Many Neo-Nazis today follow in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler and his party, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or more commonly known as the Nazi Party. Though Hitler didn’t found the Nazi Party in 1919, he was the one who shaped them to be the soldiers that carried out the Holocaust. Nazism supported the idea of a supreme Ayan race, and all other races of people were inferior and needed to be exterminated. While most of the victims in the Holocaust were Jews, the Nazis also targeted Poles, other Slavic peoples, Soviets, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, the mentally ill, physically disabled, mentally retarded, homosexual and transsexual (“Victims”). From this group of mass-murdering soldiers, they started to stem out into places around the world, especially when the war ended and they had to flee for the crimes they had committed. These new groups were called Neo-Nazis, or new Nazis, and believed in all the things Hitler had believed during World War II. they continue today to commit crimes of hate against people who they think of as inferior to themselves. Neo-Nazism is a problem around the world that people need to be aware of and know how to stop.

Some of the first sightings of Neo-Nazis was in the United States. While during the actual Nazi movement, there never were too many Nazi followers in America, right before the war ended in 1945, in the 1920’s and the 1930’s, many German immigrants started to come to the U.S., forming small Nazi organizations (Gay 13). One of the earliest accounts of Neo-Nazism can be traced back to 1924, when the Free Society of Teutonia was formed. it faded out before the war ended though, but many took it’s place (). During the same time, the KKK was formed, or the Ku Klux Klan. They are a group, based off of Nazism, that are white supremacist and spread their racial intolerance through hate crimes. Like Neo-Nazis, they are still around today.

Neo-Nzis are oftening trying to recruit people to join their goups. they try for the young, the old, and the people who are most vunerabnle and likely to join as they think there is no other choice. There are many facotor that cause eople to join Neo-Nazi groups, including unstable economic times, and political and social conditions. people who are poor and havinf hard times often think this is the only choice they have, which is what the Germans thought when Hitler came to power. An example ofthis in in the 1970’s, when a combination of both inflamation and recession caused by dependance on Arab oil saw as well as a huge amount of non caucasion immigation from Europe saw huge spikes in Neo-Nazi activity, which is thouhgt to be becuase many white men felt like they were losing power in things like world affairs. Neo-Nazis often exploit peoples fear in propoganda, making it seem like the only way to set things right is to join them. They shape how people veiw them by telling storries that make them seem the good guys, this works on some people, but many now are informed enough to know what is and isn’t true. They were also some of the first users of the internet, putting up hundereds of websites wllowing for mass distribution of their propaganda and hate material. they also used the websites to recruite people they before could not reach. (“Neo-Nazism”) There have been reports of Neo-Nazis recruiting at gun shows, where they brag to have lots of new recruits sign up, and other places where they can set up booths to support their beliefs. they also like to recruit through music, where they catch teens and young adults alike, through catchy music describing hate crimes and how white power is right. it states to not only entertain racist kids, but create them too. In one song, by a heavy metal band called the BUlly Boys, there are the very rasit lyrics “whisky bottles, baseball bats, pickup trucks and rebel flags, we’re going on the town tonight, hit and run, let’s have some fun, we’ve got jigaboos on the run”. these songs...
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