Neo Malthusian

Topics: Birth control, Caribbean, Population Pages: 4 (1546 words) Published: February 20, 2013
 The Neo-Malthusian theory was born out of a number of crises within the world which resembled the predictions Malthus had made. Over the last four decades it has been reported that there have been several economic disasters which had raised concern with what Malthus had predicted. A great deal of evidence has surfaced both economic and non-economic which support what Malthus had proposed. This includes the fact that the United Nations had declared 88 nations as being unable to provide enough food for their inhabitants, 26 billion tonnes of top soil lost, six hundred thousand square miles of forest being cut and the growth of the world’s population by nearly 100 million per year. It was these factors which resulted in the re-visitation of Malthus’ theory which had been written many years ago. It is important to understand though that while Neo-Malthusians agree with Malthus on the prediction of future collapse, they state that Malthus had shortcomings especially with his failure to note the potential of birth control to stabilize populations. Jordan et al also noted that they disagreed with Malthus those factors such as war and famine being the key to population control. It has often been questioned whether the Neo-Malthusian approach can be used as an effective policy for population control in the Caribbean. It should be noted that to an extent it would be effective as in the case of its advice for the use of contraception as well as abortion as well as Planned Parenthood. But in the case of the Eugenicist movement this would be ineffective as this movement which has been seen as an ideal of the Neo-Malthusian movement is formed on the basis of racial prejudice and should not be used in any country.        Paul Ehrlich was a neo-Malthusian theorist who advocated for the use of birth control methods as well as abortions. Ehrlich’s idea of the use of birth control may be applicable to a number of Caribbean countries. While abortion may be used it may not be an...
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