Nenangh Community Reparation Project

Topics: Crime, Restorative justice, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (1452 words) Published: September 14, 2011
The Nenagh Community Reparation Project is an initiative run in partnership with the Probation Service and managed by a local committee representing different community interests working together to address the underlying factors leading to serious problems and crime. Recognizing that dealing with these issues within the community, the Nenagh Community Reparation Project seeks to harness the moral resources and local knowledge of the community in identifying and prioritizing the concerns surrounding problems of crime, disorder and crime prevention within the community.

It started as a pilot project in restorative justice in June 1999. It was modeled on a similar project operating in Timaru, New Zealand (Cunneen & Gleeson, 2006), whereby offenders are provided with a means of making reparation to their victim and/or community. Restorative Justice is, however, not a new concept. Crime results in hurt and damage to victims and community and must be met by an effective sanction. Where appropriate, community sanctions are more fitting and effective than custody. By engaging effectively with communities, particularly through a restorative justice model to address crime, we can enhance public safety and reduce offending patterns.

To be on probation means to be given an opportunity to prove oneself; after committing an offense. Probation emerged over a hundred years ago as a humane approach to helping offenders to change (Equality, 2010). As with all members of society, offenders must accept personal responsibility for their behavior. Each person has innate value, dignity and capacity for positive for change; and will be treated fairly, openly and with respect.

The probation service is an agency of the department of justice and equality delivering services to help protect the public, improve communities and to support offenders to integrate in their communities providing probation supervision, community service, anti-offending behavior programs and...
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