Nemo Outdoor User Training - Perfecting Wireless Networks

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Nemo Outdoor User Training

Perfecting Wireless Networks

Nemo Outdoor User Training
Course Contents • Nemo Outdoor introduction • Installation of Nemo Outdoor • Nemo Outdoor configuration • Introduction to Graphical User Interface • Features of Nemo Outdoor

Nemo Outdoor Introduction
Nemo Outdoor™ 5 currently supporting measurements on WiMAX, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, LTE, TD-SCDMA, UMA, CDMA2000, 1xEV-DO, TETRA, cdmaOne, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, DVB-H and WCDMA networks. Nemo Outdoor’s powerful platform is expandable beyond current trends to those of the future, and all of this materializes on one single platform. With Nemo Outdoor you can perform not only drive testing but also QoS and benchmarking (Supporting up to 6 UE simultaneous connection) measurements. Nemo Outdoor’s flexibility further manifests itself in its open log file format which enables the customer to integrate in its optimization processes the use of not only the upscale Anite’s postprocessing tool Nemo Analyze™, but also those of third-party vendors. Nemo Outdoor supports more than 120 test terminals and scanning receivers. (Eg: Nokia N96, N612x, Qualcomm based Handset and Datacard (Huawei E270, Sierra Wireless Aircard 880, Option Globetrotter HSPA etc) and Scanner (DTI Ex Scanner, Anritsu ML8720 etc))

Nemo Outdoor Highlights I
Data collecting - all measurement data is recorded on the hard disk while measurements are carried out Real-time graphical presentation and mapping provide straightforward view of the measurement process Provides multiple measurement modes suitable for different purposes Instant Playback feature gives the opportunity to have a quick review of the measurement on the field after collecting data User-friendly menus follow the standard Windows® Graphical User Interface + audio and bitmap notifications for user-selectable events.

Nemo Outdoor Highlights II
Nemo Handy binary files (.nbl) can be opened directly via Nemo Outdoor user interface. No need for separate conversion. Nemo File Manager application must be installed in the same computer. Applies only with the file format 2.0 or higher Support for exporting data to MapInfo format Measurement list can be used without a script file

Nemo Outdoor Highlights III
Windows Vista/Windows 7 Support With the initial Nemo Outdoor 5 release some of the features are not supported with the Windows Vista operating system due to limitations in the operating system itself. The following parameters and features are not supported: (Please see Release Notes for more information.)

Nemo Outdoor Highlights IV
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • New voice quality parameters Support for WAP content description parameters MMS testing support for Qualcomm-based CDMA terminal SMS testing support for Qualcomm-based CDMA terminal Missing neighbor detection for CDMA Support for new chip window searches with PCTel EVDO scanner Support for sampling ratio configuration with PCTel EX scanners Support for GSM SI and UMTS SIB message decoding with Anritsu and PcTel EX scanners – Support for neighbor list decoding with scanners – Support for missing neighbor detection with scanner only Support for UMTS wideband AMR codec information (Nokia N96) Support for RLC DL block counts with GPRS/EDGE Support for C/I and RX level values per GSM hopping channel with Qualcomm Support for C/I value per GPRS timeslot with Qualcomm Support for BEP measurements with Qualcomm Support for longer audio sample files with USB-based voice quality MMS content location from MMS notification should be stored to the MSGA measurement event Ping rate configuration in milliseconds

Installation of Nemo Outdoor
• Computer Requirements • Nemo Outdoor Installation • Mobile Driver Installation

Computer Requirements
PC (IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad or Dell recommended) with Windows® XP Professional or Windows® Vista Pentium III processor, minimum 1GHz, preferably 1.7 GHz for single mobile measurements For multi data measurements Intel® Core...
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