Nelson Mandela a Transformation Leader

Topics: Prison, Nelson Mandela, South Africa Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Nelson Mandela A Transformation Leader
This week we are asked to discuss a prominent leader that we admire, Nelson Mandela was an easy choice for me. An effective leader according to the text is “someone who works with, motivates, and helps followers to attain their common organizational goals” (Weiss, 2011, p.234). This definition is true of Mandela and his transformational leadership style has impacted his followers and the people around him. I think he is a transformational leader that many leaders should inspire to become more like. Mandela used his ethical, charismatic, authority to inspire his nation to change and exemplifies transformational leadership. The four characteristics of a transformational leader, along with other characteristics like charisma, ethics, and being a servant are all embodied in the leadership of Mandela and make him a true inspiration. A transformational leader according to the text “influence, inspire move and latterly transform followers to achieve organizational goals beyond their self interest’(Weiss, 2011, p.51). Nelson Mandela freed South Africa from the system of racism and violent prejudice to help the whole nation. He often said that “Courage is not the absence of fear--it's inspiring others to move beyond it”(Stengel, 2008, par.5). This is one of the major components of a transformational leader, the ability to inspire others. He used his inspirational motivation to focus efforts and unite the entire nation. Nelson spent his life being the role model he wanted others to follow. When he got out of jail he included the people he despised such as his jailers and the people that imprisoned him in his cabinet because he knows the importance of elevating others. One article stated that Mandela did this because “ leadership is not about helping those who already love you to love you more – it’s about convincing those who doubt you that you can be trusted” (Barling, 2010, p.3). This is the example of idealized influence that...
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