Nellie Bly: The American Heroine

Topics: Nellie Bly, Phileas Fogg, Joseph Pulitzer Pages: 3 (471 words) Published: April 22, 2012
A woman must contain certain qualities to be qualified as an American heroine.

Nellie Bly, an American heroine displayed the characteristics one must have to obtain

this perstigious tittle. Determination, audacity and bravery are few of the many

qualities that an American heroine should posses.

One sunday in the fall of 1888, Nellie Bly got the urge to travel the globe. She imitated

the protaganist, Phileas Fogg in the book Around the World in Eighty Days written by Julia

Burns. The next morning she then persisted to ask her boss, the editor of the newspaper, The

New York World, to fund her trip. They refused perfering a male rather than a female. After a

year of rebuke she heared they had accepted a man. Instead of giving up she then threatened to

do the same at another newspaper and beat him, causing The New York World's editor to

reluctantly accept her.Nellie Bly's persistant behavior and her refusement to give up allowed her

to get what she wanted. This determination to do what ever it takes to succed and her

refusement to let anything get in her way is a quality evey woman must posses to become an


Nellie Bly set sail on the Augusta Victor on November, 14 1889. She stopped in a

numerous amount of places all over the world such as New York, Hong Kong, Port Said

and Singapore. In Port Said she was told to take something to protect her from the many

beggars. The people there carried items such as sticks to keep themselves safe.Nellie Bly

refused, saying "sticks beat more uglyness in a person than it beats it out". At another stop in

Singapore she attempted to go into a Hindu temple, but the priest did not let her in. After

seeing the priest's refusal, she then asked him asked him what nobody else would have, if

it was her gender that did not permit her to enter. Her audacity to say what she believed

and for her to speak what's on her mind is another vital quality...
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