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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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During our linguistics’ classes we watched “Nell”, a movie about the discovery of a Doctor who found a young woman that lived isolated in the middle of a forest. In the movie we could watch how she has to face for the first time to other people and the way that she uses to communicate.

This woman was like a little wild girl whose mother, for some reason, went to live in an isolated cabin, far from civilization. That woman, Nell’s mother, suffered from paralysis in half of her face, so her speech was slurred and poor. Therefore, Nell was raised along with her twin sister, with whom she made up an own language, a kind of dialect from her mother speech, an incorrect derivation of English.

At the beginning of the story, Nell’s mother dies leaving Nell alone (her little twin died when she was a girl, between 6 to 10 years old). The doctor found her when a police man told him that Nell’s mother was found died in her house. Jerry, the doctor, realized that the wild woman was not registered in any place; she did not exist for the society. Thus he and a psychologist, Paula, who knew about the girl-woman, went to the Nell’s cabin to watch and analyzed her. Paula had the idea to take Nell and bring her to an advanced psychiatric hospital to reinsert her into society some day. So together, but separately at first, seek to find a way to communicate with her. They achieve to create a kind of relationship with her to communicate and learn special things of her behavior, language, and gestures. With the above, they could know that she did not suffered of any kind of mental problem; everything was the result of a life apart from people and society, a whole life inside the natural world. As a result, they start a synchronic study of her speech. Jerry and Paula made big efforts to communicate with the girl, first with gestures and some poor words. Then, she started trying to repeat every thing that the doctor and the psychology said. The communication began to be a...
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