Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento

Topics: Opera, Gioachino Rossini, Milan Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Nel Cor Più Non Mi Sento
Composed by: Giovanni Paisiello

Nel cor più non mi sento Brillar la gioventù; Cagion del mio tormento,

Amor, sei colpa tu. Mi pizzichi, mi stuzzichi, Mi pungichi, mi mastichi;

Che cosa è Questo ahimè? Pietà, pietà, pietà! Amore è un certo che,

Che disperar mi fa.

Nel Cor Più Non Mi Sento

Giovanni Paisiello was the most popular comic composer of his time. His operas (of which he is known to have composed 94) abound with melodies, the graceful beauty of which is still appreciated. His church music was very voluminous, composing of eight masses, besides many smaller works. He also produced 51 instrumental compositions and many detached pieces. As the eighteenth century operatic scene that surrounded and influenced Mozart emerged into clearer view, Giovanni Paisiello was recognized as one of its most significant shapers. He began composing opera as soon as he left the Conservatory of San Onofrio in Naples in 1763. In Naples, he soon became established as a popular local composer. He was noted for simplifying operatic style in the interests of getting more quickly to the plot and keeping it moving. His tendency towards concision was even greater strengthened when he accepted employment in the court of Catherine the Great of Russia in 1776. She demanded that productions in her theater last no more than an hour and a half. He strove to make his melodies more appealing, his orchestration more colorful, and make the music help illustrate the plot. This is clearly apparent in “Nel Cor Più Non Mi Sento.” This upbeat aria is one in which includes comic relief as well as a fast paced rhythm and mood. Well under two minutes, it is concise. Paisiello was known for his short compositions. This song does a great job of attracting people’s attention and keeping that attention, no matter how short or long the piece may be. “Nel Cor Più Non Mi Sento” comes from “L’Amor contrastato, produced in Naples in 1789. It was performed...
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