Neiman Marcus and Target Retailing

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Neiman Marcus and Target
Neiman Marcus and Target are stores that provide goods and services to consumers in a traditional brick and mortar set up with auxiliary outlets online and via catalogue. Neiman Marcus prides itself on delivering to the discerning consumer unique and innovative items much like a boutique store. Whereas Target is considered a discount retailer, second only to Wal-Mart, providing a wide variety of everyday items from groceries to furniture. While both Neiman Marcus and Target are retail stores, their product and service, clientele, supply chain management, and pricing and marketing gravely differ due to the intrinsic nature of what each store supplies. These two retailers have different store layouts as well as customer service guidelines. Neiman Marcus stores are traditionally not free standing but rather part of a mall or exclusive shopping district such as Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Also, Neiman Marcus stores are usually multiple stories with similar items grouped together on each floor. For example, its store in Oak Brook, IL has its gourmet food shop along with home goods such as tables and knick knacks on its lower level. On the main level there are mostly women’s items such as shoes, handbags, jewelry, makeup, and clothing. The upper level has men’s clothes, shoes, and accessories. Target is typically a free standing store with all items on one level. When one walks into target there is a row of cash registers and each section of the store has its own ‘theme’ which is usually denoted by a large hanging sign such as ‘PHARMACY’ over it. The layout of Neiman Marcus is designed so that the consumer is guided by a sales person versus Target who provides its customers with big red shopping carts to fill up and checked out by a cashier at the end. These two retailers store layouts provide for a very different customer experience. Neiman Marcus has sales consultants throughout the store and one is greeted almost immediately by one as they...
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