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Galvez 1
Jocelynn Galvez
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Neil Armstrong and the First Moon Landing
Neil Armstrong was born on August 5th, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. At an early age he became interested in aircrafts and knew he wanted to work with it in his future. At the age of sixteen, Neil received his pilot’s license before he even received his driver’s license. Neil held many jobs around town especially at the local airport. 1946 Neil won a scholarship to Purdue University, Navy agreed to pay for his education as long as he served time after college. After his first year of college, Neil was called to serve his time when the Korean War arose. He flew seventy-eight missions and earned three medals. In 1962, he joined the astronaut program and was the first man to walk on the moon in 1969. Space Exploration

After earning his degree at Purdue, Armstrong decided to try his hand as a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Neil also began flying rocket planes, which was his favorite. He flew forty miles high that when he looked down he seen planet Earth below him. During his time at Galvez 2

Edwards, Armstrong conducted test flights of over fifty types of experimental aircrafts. In 1962, Armstrong moved to Texas to join the astronaut program. Neil had a lot to learn about being an astronaut. Neil trained in special rooms that imitated gravity. Neil also learned to fly a space capsule in a model called a simulator. He tried on space suits and studied ways to deal with emergencies. Neil thought very wisely, he didn’t mind on working so hard, he believed “a job well was a person’s best chance to be happy”. Neil and his fellow trainers had to undergo testing for every possible stress and strain, no matter how unlikely. The KC-135, which is still used by NASA for weightlessness training, is nicknamed the “vomit comet” for the effect it has on many trainers’ stomachs. While Armstrong was passing all the physical...
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