Neil Armstrong

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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One Giant Leap
-A hero we shall always remember-Neil Armstrong
“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. These were the exact words of Neil A. Armstrong as he took mankind’s first step on another planet. Thousands of years have passed ever since man appeared on the face of planet earth, men have evolved, and with every evolution, men have grown smarter, men have created something useful and also achieved higher goals than their ancestors. Many have dreamed of setting foot on another planet out there, but none had the strength to follow their dream, thus it was a quest that no man ever dared venture. All but Armstrong and a few others out there, who had the heart, the dream, and the persistence to follow their dream. Armstrong ‘s legacy is known world-wide, he is considered as a hero in all our hearts, for he achieved the highest goal there could ever be by setting foot on a once alien planet, out of reach of any normal person. Armstrong’s whole dream of becoming an astronaut began at a very young age. At first, it was only an obsession with planes and pilots, like any other child. But in high school, he seemed to have set his own path for his life. All his spare time was used and focused on the subject of air and space. The first plane ride his father took with him seemed to have locked his heart on the idea of being a pilot, of devoting his life to the world of air and space. It sealed his ambition to pursue a life dedicated to air and space. After Armstrong went to University of Purdue, in his fourth year, the summons for him to begin his journey came. He was to be transferred to the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, California, to be fighter pilot. Therefore this was Neil Armstrong’s call to adventure, which leads to all his achievements later on whether for himself or for man-kind.

After studying for a few years at the Air Station, Armstrong became a military qualified fighter pilot. He was sent to participate in the Korean War as a fighter...
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