Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch Program
A Neighborhood Watch is a program where neighbors look out for their neighbor against criminal actively and reporting suspicious activity to the local police agency. Community members can assist peace officers by being the eyes and ears within the neighborhood. A Neighborhood Watch program will be effective only if community members participate and cooperate with law enforcement to reduce crime within their neighborhood. A very important element to maintaining a Neighborhood Watch is to report suspicious activities and individuals that may cause harm to the neighborhood. A Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that recruits energetic citizens in collaboration with the local police agency to help diminish high crime rates, solve conflicts within the community, and make the neighborhoods safer and improve the quality of life in their community. Neighborhood watch is a program that has a successful effect on the community. “The success of any Neighborhood Watch Program depends on the participation and dedication of its members as well as knowledge and information” (Neighborhood, 2009). In doing so citizens are taught how to help themselves and the community by distinguishing and exposure to any suspicious or unlawful activities, protect their love ones, their property, and those of their neighbor’s property and family. A Neighborhood Watch focus on surveillance in order to develop awareness as a means of keeping its members alert of community activities. This program also makes use of plans that each affiliate should notify each specific member hurriedly in the occurrence of illegal activity in the neighborhood to active citizen’s patrols by groups. Citizens involved in neighborhood watch programs provide assistance within the community such as abnormal measures whenever they are observed, reporting crime, and given that support to crime victims. Neighborhood watch programs use street signs to help reduce crimes, prevent thefts, and burglaries by warning the unauthorized persons that they are being watched at all times by surveillance cameras. In a neighborhood watch program every member has the same responsibility and dedication to have a productive neighborhood watch program. The law enforcement agency provides support and direction as well as an active workforce and logistical support to the efforts of the neighborhood watch program. Citizens trying to implement such a program are tired of all the crimes being committed in their area such as murder, burglary, robbery, gangs, drugs, and graffiti. Citizens are frustrated with the way crimes take over a neighborhood and the daily activities society has to face. Some people would come home in fear for their lives dreading the thought of being murdered or shot, sounds of gun shots from a drive-by shooter leaving those to run for shelter, kidnapped, or even robbed. Society is feed up and wants one thing out of the neighborhood watch program and that is to bring a community together in a safer and normal environment to bring back control of their neighborhoods and reduce crime rates in that area. Crimes in the community can get out of control due to drugs, gangs, graffiti, robberies, and burglaries if it shows that no one cares. These types of neighborhoods with these types of problems can give the appearance that no one cares which can cause crime to increase. By dealing with the disorder and keeping an open communication and partnership with the police department and other agencies a reduction in crime will soon follow. A Neighborhood Watch Program will provide the community with members to learn how to prevent crimes to prevent the Broken Window Theory (1982) which consists of a problem solving theory based on the idea that one unchecked problem may lead to other problems. Crimes can flourish in areas in which disorderly behavior goes unchecked. For example, an abandon house can lead to...
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