Neighbor Rosicky

Topics: Life, Death Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Contrasts and Comparisons in Neighbor Rosicky
The unique play of opposites demonstrated in Neighbor Rosicky shows how core beliefs and individuality are always fundamental and necessary regardless of the environment or people surrounding an individual. Rosicky is a charismatic individual who is admired by all people because of his value of hard work and compassion. The settings Rosicky found himself in were not always as welcoming as the comfortable farm he ends up in, but even so his values ultimately bring him to a place he feel he belongs. These contrasts help highlight the similarities among the main character’s fundamental beliefs. Even though they are from different cultures, age, gender, and societies, the family’s core values are what unify them.

Rosicky’s personality greatly contrasts with the environment in his early years. In Rosicky’s youth, he lives in thrilling and eventful New York and London. While in New York, he enjoys the excitement of the night life. In his youthful prime there is nothing more enjoyable than being on his own with a world of entertainment to observe and a variety of people to meet. But this youthful excitement clearly runs dry fast for Rosicky. The temporary excitement fades when there is lack of nature. "Those blank buildings, without the stream of life pouring through them, were like empty jails. It struck young Rosicky that this was the trouble with big cities; they build you in from the earth itself, cemented you away from any contact with the ground." (p.846) The cold unnatural environment of city life makes Rosicky feel as if he has lost part of himself. The city was like a jail cell to him, keeping him from breathing the untainted natural air. Without being surrounded by what is real (nature) Rosicky begins to lose happiness, but not his values. " His roots were in rural Czechoslovakia, although he had temporarily resided in London and New York. He as other immigrants possessed a "rooted homelessness.” (p. 845) This...
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