Nehemas and Aristotle

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Nehemas & Aristotle
For Nehemas, friendship is a moral state where one treats a specific group of people with preference. Where one neglects neglecting moral value in order to give those specific people that specific treatment. The values of friendship distinguish us from each other and make us different in the sense that opposites attract or it makes us interesting to each other. He says that there are different types of friends. Casual, close and in between. The close friends are very special and important however no matter the type of friendship we have it is always significant. One says we can’t change or choose who our friends are. Nehemas on the other had says we can choose our friends as a kind of freedom to identify with the reasons why we chose the friendships we choose. Friendships allow us to become a specific kind of person. Bringing to light that we choose friends depending on who we think they can help us become. One aspect of friendship however is that people do change, thus friendships change bringing about the possibility to loosing friendships. This is because the person one is attracted to as a friend is no longer in existence. On the other hand the mode of the friendship can change when one or both change. These will be categorized as long term relationships. This is in fact why in fact a friendship is important to the building of an individual and their character. Seems like he shares similar views with Aristotle as he compares friendship to a relationship between a painter and an appreciator. One can enjoy the art if they are familiar with the piece of art. Such as different aspects of our lives friendship is important in our daily lives and should involve our moral values in order to grow a better person.
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