Negritude Positive?

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, African American Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Name: Ginea Dean
Lecturer: Dr. Ada McKenzie
Section: 20
Due Date: February 14th, 2013
Informal Text-Based Argumentative Essay

Negritude’s positive? Yes the ideology is, but why must we waste our time searching for our racial identity, heritage, and culture? Why waste our precious time searching for racial identity, when we could use that time to fight for equality between the races? You tell us, when we find our racial identity what then must we do with it? Continue to be restricted from doing certain things and going certain places because of our racial line? I agree with Du Bois’s argument, that racial identification is a hindrance and that it distracts us from the more important goal of fighting for equality between the races. It limits us from many things such as; education and jobs. Racial identification puts us in a caste system, as well as causes us to suffer discrimination. Why continue to allow persons to suffer? We must fight for equality so that everyone can be equal, so that we can stop discrimination, and destroy the caste system.

How can we fight for equality if we don’t know who we are as an individual or as a race? Negritude makes blacks or persons of African descent aware of their identity, heritage, and culture. Racial identification should not be a bother to persons of African descent, what should be a hindrance is fighting for equality between the races. It’s like fighting for world peace; it’s not going to happen. Why waste our time fighting for something we know won’t happen? We can use that time to find out about our culture, heritage, and racial background. “If you work hard and meet your responsibilities, you can get ahead no matter where you come from what you look like or who you love.” stated Barak Obama, the first black American president. Therefore it’s not our racial identity holding us back, it’s us holding ourselves back!

I somewhat agree and disagree with the argument made by the opposition. I agree that we shouldn’t...
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