Negotiation Strategy: Article Analysis

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  • Published : July 2, 2011
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Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

Jaime Martinez
University of Phoenix

Many companies use different techniques when negotiating a contract with a new or existing prospect. In this paper, the author will discuss how two negotiating parties in two different articles negotiated a union contract using distributive and integrative bargaining strategies and tactics. In distributive bargaining the primary objective is to maximize the value of the current deal. Article (a) is called "2003-2004 Los Angeles supermarket strike" and it talks about how 70,000 supermarket workers in California went on strike with three major supermarkets over health benefits. The strike first began with Von's a supermarket chain owned by Safeway an international chain. Soon after, Albertsons and Ralph's workers decided to join what became a five month strike. All 70,000 employees are members of the United Food and Commercial workers union (UFCW). Article (b) is called "Grocery contract talks going slow as deadline nears" and it talks about how the three supermarket giants are hesitating to meet the new demands regarding better wages and health benefits. Seven years later they are back at it again, 62,000 employees are threatening to strike if their demands are not met when the contract expires on March 13, 2011. This is a complicated negotiation because neither party is willing to meet halfway, they both want to win at whatever cost. Although, these two articles are related, they have taken different approaches to negotiations.

Both of the articles read had many things in common, and some differences. The  (2006) website [The walkout was against cuts in benefits, and run almost entirely by union leaderships. While the supermarkets lost $2.5bn in profits, they succeeded in beating the strike and imposing the cuts]. Article (a), talks about how 70,000 workers of the United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW) went on strike...
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