Negotiation Strategy Analysis

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  • Published : October 9, 2010
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Negotiation Strategy Analysis


September 6, 2010

Jeni Mixon

Negotiation Strategy Analysis
In many interactions throughout life, there comes the need to negotiate. Negotiation comes in many forms and fashions. Often when there is an issue, when there is a purchase, when a person has a need, when we have a want and many other instances can require the use of negotiation to achieve the desired outcome. In the world of business, negotiations are a staple of every interaction. Depending on the situation, the direction of a negotiation can often lead in different directions. In this paper, two negotiation articles that describe a negotiation setting employing different negotiation strategies will be described. The two negotiation processes used in these two articles will be compared and contrasted. Finally, the use of these two negotiation strategies will be shown in how they may apply in my current casino property. Ethics in Negotiation

The article by Burr, Ethics in Negotiation, a negotiation process of questionable ethics is described. This article asks the question, “in business negotiations, when is lying acceptable?” (Burr, 2001, p. 1) In this article a discussion and examination to what lengths that a negotiator should shape or withhold information from an opposing party in a business negotiation. The example negotiation is from that of a large manufacturing company outside of the United States, seeking to acquire a large United States corporation of the same type of product. As this company researches the possibility of acquiring a U.S. company of the same product type, the possibility becomes unlikely that a voluntary acquisition in such a small market could happen. As there is a second bidder in this negotiation, the possibility of an involuntary acquisition puts the cost too high to consider. The negotiation process takes a turn at this juncture.

As the acquisition of the U.S. Company seems unlikely, the primary negotiator for the...
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