Negotiation Skills

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Negotiation Skills


Sofian Dahshan


“We cannot negotiate with those who says whats mine is mine and whats yours is negotiable!”

“During 2005, American Hospital handled about 200 job offers for nursing assistants, research scientists, and a number of other employees. All but about 10 of these candidates took the initial offer without attempting to negotiate for something extra or more. Clark, the HR Manager, was delighted, but puzzled. The job applicants apparently did not realize that the offers Clark made were just starting points. She says, laughing, “I don’t say anything if they don’t.”


Negotiation is defined as “a talk with others in order to reach an agreement”.

As long as you use the right approach, you will always have successful negotiations. Right? Wrong. Because negotiation is an art not a science, you have no guarantee that the combination that worked so well the last time, will work this time. Circumstances change and so do the other parties.

The approach of a deadline, the addition of new information, changing economic conditions or a change in the negotiating team all affect negotiations. The failure to recognize these changes affects one’s negotiating ability. Each negotiating situation is UNIQUE and should be treated as such.

A lot of people have the misconception that every negotiation involves money. Negotiating does not always involve money, you negotiate everyday. Anytime you want something from someone else, and anytime someone wants something from you, you are negotiating.

Our study in this assignment will cover phases of negotiation: Preparation, Sharing , Bargaining/Haggling, Closing & Commitment along with a practical example from a scenario description of real life experience of Allison who want to take up the offer of Company X? In retrospect, the solution seemed obvious to Mike and Allison, where both are colleagues.


Negotiation was once considered an art practiced by the naturally gifted. To some extent it still is, but increasingly we, in the business world, have come to regard negotiation as a science – built on creative approaches to deal making that allow everyone to walk away winners of sorts.

Analyzing the case of Mike and Allison that was mentioned at the beginning of this paper, an investigative mindset of the boss made him ask all the right and relevant questions and finally the question why which enabled him to come up with a solution to their problem. However, that one can’t help feeling that the scholarly ink and classroom simulations don’t do enough to prepare business people for the really tough negotiations – the ones where failure is not an option.


Mike and Allison are colleagues who worked in the same department in an airline office. More than colleagues there were also the best of friends. They had a wonderful and healthy working relationship devoid of any office politics. They have been working in the same department for five years in the same position. Having worked for so long, they both had enough and more experience to move forward and pursue for the next high rung of the corporate ladder. Both of them aspired and dreamt about getting a higher position and climbing the ladder.

One day they sat and talked about it and decided to work towards it. The alternatives they had were either to aim for a promotion within the organization or get a higher paying job elsewhere in another organization. On second thoughts they decided to try both and take whichever comes first. They both prepared impressive CVs and posted them in various recruitment agencies. They also went about enquiring informally about job vacancies and even told their boss, who was the General manager of the company, that they would be interested in climbing the corporate ladder and to consider their case if they were any openings within the organization. The boss was...
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