Negotiation Process in Poland

Topics: Negotiation, Poland, Decision making Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Trust building in Poland.

Poland is said to be one of the fastest growing country in European Union. The elderly people can be conservative because they were brought up in “communist times” when economy was centrally planned by the government. But new generation - young people are very open-minded. Relationship and respect

All people in Poland feel they belong to one group. However it does not mean that those people are not individualistic. The great success in business interactions can be achieved through trust and long-term relationship. Polish people need a time to adjust to the new situation, new culture. They have to know you. It concerns both visitors and local people as well. During interview e.g. people have to sometimes respond to very personal questions. The same situation can happen in bargaining process. Visitors ought to be prepared for that and be patient. As it was mentioned before, Poles associate negotiation with trust. But new person can quickly be „accepted as a valid business partner” (Lothar K., 2008) if is introduced by other confident person. In Poland the most respectful person is that one who is on the highest position in hierarchical structure. It also depends on achievements and work experience. Communication

A mother tongue in Poland is Polish. Knowledge of other languages depends on the age. Elderly can speak Russian, on contrary youth use English or German as their second language. It is worth to ask before about language's skills, as it may occur that interpreter is essential. If native language of visitor is English, this person should avoid using slang, try to speak slowly, make simple sentences rather than complicated commands. Polish people are very patient and calm. Their voice is soft. They speak lauder only to emphasis relevant facts. In public places, conversation should be kept at a quiet level. The safe distance between people is minimum 0,5m. What polish people consider as obvious is eye contact. It shows your...
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