Negotiation Preparation

Topics: Funding, Natural environment, Finance Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Preparation Memo 3: Harborco
My Interests and Goals
My role in this negotiation is to be the representative from the Federal Department of Coastal Resource (DCR). My agency will be crucial in providing Harboco with Federal funding to help them build their proposed deep-water port off the coast of Seaborne. My agency has placed two priorities will be to ensure federal funds are used for Harborco’s construction project and to ensure that the environment will be maintained and repaired. I am also interested in guaranteeing compensation to nearby ports, having a reasonable diverse industry mix, and allow Harborco to freely staff their deep-water port.

The DCR has a dual mandate to provide federal funding and protect the environment. Ensuring that federal funds will be our agency’s primary goal in this negotiation with Harborco. This will guarantee that we will retain some control over its operations. If the project is successful, this will also ensure that our agency and the current administration will gain credibility with the success with this project. However, our agency does not have unlimited funds and we would prefer to offer minimal assistance to help fund other private sector improvements to other coastal facilities.

Maintaining a viable ecosystem is our agency’s secondary goal. Our agency would prefer that this project improve the environment since it would help win political credibility. Consequently, the DCR will not accept any offer that will harm the environment; we do understand the financial burden these requirements would be placed onto Harborco if they are expected to improve environment from its current state. We will accept any actions that will help maintain and repair any damage this project will undergo

Our secondary objectives, compensation to other ports, industry mix, and employment distribution, are not as important as our agency’s primary objectives. Our agency will accept any decisions that will help increase the...
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