Negotiation Pm-598

Topics: Pope John I, I Decided, John of England Pages: 3 (1338 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Negotiation Exercise


Many times throughout my life I have dealt with negotiations both on the job and off. I chose to write about this subject because what started off as a walk down the boardwalk ended up consuming a year and a half of my life. It’s January, the year is 2011, and I found myself using up a banked week of one of my timeshares in Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s not the best time of year but a break from work is always a welcome one. I’m walking down the boardwalk when I receive a call on my cell phone. A gentleman asking me that famous question, “How would you like to view a condo and receive a free night’s stay in return?” I am always open to exploring new opportunities so I told him I would drive down in a few hours and hear him out. I decided to do my some research on the property located at the Sandy Beach Resort and I was impressed with what I found. The units were located in phase 2 and were both new and impressive. I decided to call down and inquire about availability but to my surprise they were booked up. I logged on to the major travel websites and I found that I couldn’t book a room even far into the future. I now had some idea of the demand for the property so I could be better prepared for whatever questions he may ask. I drove down to Sandy Beach and took a look around before walking in the front door. The area seemed to be well kept and the parking area was sufficient. I walked in the front door and was met by John who immediately thanked me for taking time out of my day to stop by and visit. We began talking about the history of the boardwalk, the nightlife, and plans for future expansion. Before long I began to wonder if stopping by was a bad idea. John as I should have expected was a high pressure salesman and immediately wanted to show me a 3 bedroom unit, oceanfront, and originally selling for $750,000. All of the units were great deals and about half to one third of the original selling price. We spent several hours...
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