Negotiation Plan

Topics: Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Win-win game Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: September 24, 2011
Negotiation Plan

Goals and objectives identified, highlighting the one key success which the group hopes to achieve. Our goal is to solve the air and water pollutions and reduce the cost which spends on road paving. The key things is that we are going to establish a filtration plant with the purpose of improve our water supply system. We could negotiate with the company to donate certain fund to cover the expense.

Interests defined
We are lack of capital therefore we plan to float a 25-year bond issue to cover the cost of improvements. We hope we can make the mining company to take responsibility of establish the filtration plant through the negotiation.

Issues/Problems identified and defined, and important ones specified There are three major issues. First one is the air and water pollution. A filtration plant is required to solve this issue. The second issue is road paving. The city-owned road is half of the mining company used. The third issue is taxation of company land. We are going to listen to several proposals from mining company.

Bargaining mix defined from above key issues
Overall, we think we will go through a integrative negotiation. We will focus on exchange information and ideas in order to invent certain options for mutual gain. In the end, we plan to achieve a win-win result.

Limits identified
First, we are lack of funds. Every dollar we spent must be collected by increasing taxes. Second, we do not want to see the company close which would be economic disaster for the city. As a result, we cannot give to much pressure to the company. Faintly, we need public support because certain decision will require approval by public ballot of the city’s citizens.

Targets set
Basically, we are going to discover their resistance point and influence their resistance point.

Strategy choice planned with attention to achieving targets and objectives, and allowing for limits. At first, we will make certain disruptive action...
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