Negotiation Paper - Military Leader vs Civilian

Topics: Islam, Libya, Africa Pages: 6 (2209 words) Published: January 1, 2013
There has always been difference between military & civilian’s mentality & this result from each life experience and education, people with military background always have the concept of Win/Lose situation even if they do not show it but at least it is in the back of their mind which is I have to win & opponent should lose or I will be the loser, they do not recognize the point that both parties can win. Which is more the war concept,, I have to win or the enemy will beat me & that is why all military leaders had this concept when they rule countries they deal with the political field as a battle field but this might be accepted in the war because you are facing an enemy but when you are a president you are dealing with country & different people and you have to recognize all benefits & interests and reach an intermediate agreement which is accepted by the majority… In the below examples we have a 2 speeches one was said by a president with military background “Saif Gadaffi” & a civilian president “Barak Obama”. Saif was talking to his people as if he is talking to an enemy and he has to beat him down before the other do so,,, he used a pure POWER negotiation approach threatening people that if he did not win everybody lose! It is a Zero Sum game which he thought that he should be the only winner out of this speech & others should lose.

Barak Obama was talking to all Muslim Arab countries in an integrative approach giving the idea that everybody is a winner “America” & “Arab Muslim Countries” and both should work together to achieve one goal which is peace,,, and America is not working against Arabs or Muslims but against terrorism . His speech aimed to a win/win situation to show that America is not the enemy of Islam & gain love and trust of Arabs & it worked with majority of people & Obama gained credit for that.

Military Example

Saif Gadaffi's TV Speech Full Text as Libyan Regime Collapses SultanAlQassemi writes: I saw that I had to speak to you. Many Libyans asked me to speak. I don't have a paper or a document to read from.I will not speak in classical Arabic, I will speak in Libyan, I don't have any papers, this is a talk from the heart & mind. We all know that the region is passing through an earthquake, a hurricane or change. If this change does not come from the govts it will come from the people, we have seen this in other Arab countries. Today I will tell you only truth only. We know that there are opposition figures living abroad who have support in Libya. There people try to use Facebook for a revolution to copy Egypt. These people want to bring Libya to what happened in Egypt & Tunisia.

We saw this on facebook and on emails. The country did a pre-emptive move by arresting some people before the protests, shots were fired, people died. The anger was directed at the police in Benghazi. People wanted to storm the police stations, people died, funerals occurred. This is a summary of what happened in Bengazi, now there is a major Fitna and a threat to the unity of Libya. Of course there were many deaths, which angered many people in Benghazi, but why were there people killed? The army was under stress, it is not used to crowd control so they shot, but I called them. The army said that some protesters were drunk, others were on hallucinogens or drugs. The army has to defend its weapons. And the people were angry. So there were deaths, but in the end Libyans were killed.

There are thee parts behind this

1- Political Activists whom we agree with,
2- What happened in Bayda are Islamic elements. Bayda is my town, my mother is from there. People called me. They stole weapons and killed soldiers. They want to establish an Islamic Emirate in Bayda. Some people took drugs & were used by these protesters. 3. The third part are these children who took the drugs and were used. These are facts like it or not.

We have arrested tens of Arabs and Africans, poor people, millions were spent on...
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