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Topics: Customer service, Negotiation, Sales Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: July 26, 2012
For this assignment I contacted Consolidated Communications to negotiate a credit for the 12 days we were left without internet or cable service. A.How did you prepare for this negotiation in advance?

I reviewed all of my notes from the service outages we have experienced in the past 6 months. On the last outage a customer service manager was supposed to get back to me discuss the problems I was having with my service. I never heard from the customer service manager and was going to probably let it go. This is assignment has pushed me to call the customer service rep back. B.What was your strategy going into the negotiation? Why?

My strategy was to ask directly for the customer service manager to discuss the situation. I would like the customer service manager to provide me the amount of documented problems that were associated with my account. My desired outcome for the negotiation was to receive complimentary service for the amount of days I was left little or no service. C.How/where/when/with whom did your negotiation take place? The negotiation took place on Monday morning with Tom from Consolidated Communications. D.Were you nervous/unsure before or during the negotiation, and if so, what and why? I was not nervous with this negotiation agreement. I had made some notes prior to the call and felt prepared for questions that would arise. I also feel it helped to have the negotiation take place over the telephone and there was no face-to-face interactions. I was able to hide any nervous reactions that may have been present in a face-to-face negotiation. E.What was the outcome of the negotiation; describe the negotiation process. A customer service call center representative greeted me, my response was immediately to speak to a manager. The customer service representative tried very hard to get me to discuss my situation with them. I thanked them for their initiative to help but continued to request to speak to a manager. I waited on...
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