Negotiating with Learners

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Unit 2: Planning and Enabling Learning

1a: Negotiating with learners

My research for this unit got underway when I started preparation for my presentation on functional skills. I then decided to start from the beginning task by task so I began researching negotiation with learners. I loaned out books from the library by Geoff petty, Ann Gravells, Susan Simpson and Linda Wilson., I also accessed many web sites. I found the starting point for all research topics was to use Ann Gravel’s ‘planning an Enabling Learning in the Lifelong Learning Sector, also Linda Wilson ‘Practical Teaching A Guide to PTLLS &CTLLS. I read the ideas from all three authors to see if they all had the same ideas and if anything additional was to be found. I have also tried to reflect what I have read from my own experience as a teacher.

Negotiation with learners should start at the Interview. Interviewing allows us as teachers to gain knowledge of any accredited prior learning the student may have, so we can ensure they are on the right course at the right level for their abilities. I identify this by giving the student a questionnaire on which they have to complete what they hope to achieve from the course, throughout the course, and the end of the course, this is also discussed with myself so I can begin to know what motivates them to learn, The student as to show evidence of exam results and any Accredited Prior learning experience,

Identifying needs

Identifying the learning needs of the student, this will be what they expect from the course, what they expect to learn, this may not be what you expect them to learn,

1 Sarah Wayt Bsc MAR 2008

The importance of initial assessment is:

A staged process that helps the learner cross the threshold to the most appropriate post-16 provision… It is really important to ‘get it right’ so that the learning and support opportunities offered are the best possible match with the interest, abilities, aptitudes,...
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