Negotiate Something

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Negoitate Something!
After realvuating my life through the lens of a negotiator, I`ve come to realize and appreciate how predominant these encounters are in my daily interactions. The skills we have learned can be observed through my interpersonal conversations and moments of internal decision making. Even if the negotiation does not hold much signifiance, each day we face problems that require practicality and comprehenesiveness. Fisher and Ury decribe the four principles of an effective negoation the ability to 1) separate the people from the problem; 2) focus on interests rather than positions; 3) generate a variety of options before settling on an agreement; and 4) insist that the agreement be based on objective criteria. [p. 11]. From this definiton we can begin to understand that while negotiaion does not always guaruntee a win-win resolution, it is rooted by a much more peaceful approach then other oreintations of resolution.

In college we are faced with many dilemmas that if handled poorly, could result in conflict. Living in a house with six girls welcomes the inevitable debate over domestic issues such a cleaning, parking, and respecting each others space. For these tasks to be met effectivley, they require a collective effort in delegating responsibility and a comfort in communication so that house goals can be met peacefully, rather then generate negativity. Indivually we are in charge of how to enter these situations and our attitudes can either promote cohesiveness, or emphasize our differneces. As a communcation major I am constantly assigned group projects that warrant some sort of negotiation. Stragies mut be implemented when designating roles for contribution, selecting topics, and determining where and when to meet outside of class.My most important negotations as a student however are those which leave me at odds with myself. The greatest accomplishment one can have in college is balance. In order for me to optomize my social life,and earn the grades I want, I must master the ability of time management and self discipline. Although this type of negotation lacks many aspects of traditional mediation, it is the judgement calls we place on ourselves that require the greatest understanding of how to reach long terms goals and satisfying both ends of the spectrum. In the assignment to plan and perform my own negotation, I was simultaneously bombared with my own life dilemma that would require those skills. My negotation epitomizes a life after college, of new concerns and adultlike obligations.

About one month ago I accepted a job offer to work in Baltimore at an Information Technology Staffing Firm called Insight Global. Upon making my decsion to commit to the company I had ration if it was the career path I was looking for, the location I desire, and if it offered enough money to compensate for a lifestyle of financial independence. I now am in the process of looking for a place to live which has become a multifaceted, complicated ordeal. In my negotation my roomate and I worked to agree on how to share or divide a limited resource. Many factors contributed to the outcome, including how we chose location, our ability accomodate to one anothers resistance points, and how these factors would ultimatley effect determing price of rent while protecting the status quo of the realationship at stake.To handle this discussion , we met at Starbucks,a mutual location, both prepared with notes and resources to keep the process professional and efficient. We embarked on our house hunt with interdepence to one another, because as much as I needed John, he needed me too. Despite our shared goal in finding a place and roomate, my personal stipulations worked agasint me when it came time to reveal our interests and express our concessions.

As we learned in class negotations typically take on one of two methods, disrtibutive or integrative .Distributive negotiation are percieved as more difficult, becasue both...
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