Neglect of the Ederly

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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Scholary Article
Odessa Johnson
17 Oct 2010

1) What is a scholarly article? A scholarly article is a journal published by a subject matter expert. 2) Why are scholarly articles important? Because they written by an expert and reviewed by the author’s peers in the peer review process. 3) What is a difference between scholarly journals and popular journals? Scholarly journals do not have flashy covers and do not contain advertisements. Popular journals are the opposite, they have flashy covers and contain lots of advertisements. 4) Are newspapers scholarly or popular? Newspapers are considered popular. 5) What are four things you should look for in an on-line scholarly article? First look for credentials or the author’s affiliation with a college or university. 2) Look for an abstract or short bibliography. 3) Specialized vocabulary to ensure knowledge of the subject. 4) Length of the article, generally much more than 5 pages. 6) What are two traits of scholarly articles? They have undergone a peer review process and they list the references used by the author in footnotes. 7) What are trade/professional publications? Articles written quickly for managers and administrators in fields of finance or industry to alert them of changes in trends or technology.

Abstract 1
Social Justice, Respect, and Meaning-Making: Keys to Working with the Homeless Elderly Population.

The article discusses the issue of mental illness and substance abuse in older people and the lack of programs available in the United States that offer treatment to such individuals, particularly those who are also homeless. The author describes the increasing issue of homelessness among the elderly and the adjoining issues of mental illness and substance abuse that are also frequently involved. The author also describes a nonprofit community outreach facility in California that specifically works to bring relief to this population of citizens.

Abstract 2
Social Networks: A...
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