Negative Performance Review

Topics: Need to know, Communication Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Date: April 18, 2013
To: Elaine Bridgewater
From: Nancy Barsoum
Subject: Review
Hello Elaine. It is great having you onboard and everyone is excited to know you are on our team. Retailers are excited to work with and hopefully gain insight into the game and the products. Your internal work has been great! Our R&D and marketing people are learning about what the pro and amateur golfer's need to make up a winning game. Keep it up. The one area that currently needs work is with the communications with the retailers. I have received a few complaints about the lack of response to emails. I understand that moving from the golf game to the corporate game is a challenge, but the most important thing to know about good business is communication. I am hoping you will learn a few tricks here to help you get through the paperwork as well as the wonderful job you are doing with products. While not everyone does it the way I do, I find that checking email in the morning, at lunch (just before or after), and in the last ten minutes of the day keeps me from missing important emails from our most valuable asset, our retail clients. This is imperative to make sure we do not miss problems early. A second issue I think needs some work is the writing. I have noticed some of your reports are difficult to understand and there are often missed details that need to be addressed. Taking more time to create positive reporting is important for all those you work with. We need to know when you have earned those bonuses. We can set up a time to work out some reports that are easier for you to maintain in terms of details and information. This helps you and everyone else. Communications and information should be a concise and unambiguous as possible. Even bad news delivered with appropriate support gives the other person something to build on. Expectations, information such as delivery schedules, product information, and changes should always be as current and easy to understand as...
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