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Quit Facebook Day was an online event which took place on May 31, 2010 (coinciding with Memorial Day), in which Facebook users stated that they would quit the social network, due to privacy concerns.[55] It was estimated that 2% of Facebook users coming from the United States would delete their accounts.[56] However, only 33,000 users quit the site.[57]

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Social networks, like Facebook, can have a detrimental effect on marriages with users becoming worried about their spouse's contacts and relations with other people online, leading to marital breakdown and divorce.[71] In the UK, between 20 to 33 percent of divorce petitions cited Facebook as a cause according to a study carried out in December 2009 by UK based divorce service Divorce-Online and reported extensively in the media.[72][73][74][75] 1. ^ Divorce cases get the Facebook factor. - MEN Media. Published January 19, 2011. Retrieved 13 March 2012. 2. ^ Facebook's Other Top Trend of 2009: Divorce - Network World. Published December 22, 2009. Retrieved 13 March 2012. 3. ^ "Facebook to Blame for Divorce Boom". Fox News. April 12, 2010. 4. ^ Facebook is divorce lawyers' new best friend - MSNBC. Published 28 June 2010. Retrieved 13 March 2012. 5. ^ "Facebook flirting triggers divorces". The Times Of India. January 1, 2012. Stress

Research performed by psychologists from Edinburgh Napier University indicated that Facebook adds stress to users' lives. Causes of stress included fear of missing important social information, fear of offending contacts, discomfort or guilt from rejecting user requests or deleting unwanted contacts or being unfriended or blocked by Facebook friends or other users, the displeasure of having friend requests rejected or ignored, the pressure to be entertaining, criticism or intimidation from other Facebook users, and having to use appropriate etiquette for different types of friends.[83] Many people who started using Facebook for positive purposes or with positive expectations have found that the website has negatively impacted their actual lives.[84] 1. ^ "Does Facebook Stress You Out?". February 17, 2010. 2. ^ "Internet Imitates Life But It Is Not The Same". June 4, 2011. Identity theft

One can easily create an account and impersonate another person, such as a celebrity, often for malicious or mischievous reasons and to harass and/or deceive others.[91][92][93][94][95][96] This criticism is not unique to Facebook, since any social-networking site with user accounts has the potential for users to create false accounts but due to its popularity and wide use Facebook is cited as the main cause of this on the internet. Identity theft is also a potential problem for any celebrity or public figure who uses Facebook and other social network accounts to get in touch with their fans as any identity thief(s) who creates multiple accounts for one celebrity makes it almost impossible to prove the authenticity of any real celebrity's actual account and can cause many issues both for the fans and the figure in question. Some online scammers have used the photos of porn stars or other models to engage in "love fraud" and extort money from unsuspecting online lovers or fans. 1. ^ "Woman finds imposter on Facebook". February 4, 2009. Retrieved August 7, 2010. 2. ^ From John Sutter and Jason Carroll CNN (February 6, 2009). "Fears of impostors increase on Facebook". Retrieved August 7, 2010. 3. ^ "Fake Profiles On Fakebook/Facebook!". Retrieved August 7, 2010. 4. ^ "Lindsay Lohan Has...
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