Negative Influences of the Media

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Adolescence, West Nile virus Pages: 5 (2114 words) Published: November 13, 2010
After reading this research paper, the audience will understand how the media negatively Influences the people through the information that they believe we need to do and see. The media can be a positive structure that keeps everyone up to date on events around the world but in a way it seems there is a sort of conspiracy going on throughout all of the media. Every day people watch the news and it is sure that everyone will agree that the media rarely covers anything going on that is actually a good or positive event that has happened. Even though there are positives, the media negatively influences the people because they decide what the people should hear and what the people should see. The media influences people on decisions they make every day by the way they introduce certain topics to the public. For instance people make decisions that will affect their retirement when they grow older based on what they hear in the media. It has been shown that if a person hears from the media that a stock is doing badly, then they feel the need to dump the stock in fear that everyone else that heard the news will decide to begin dumping the stock before they get a chance to and because of that they will lose even more money than if it would have been decided to sell right away. (Leslie, 2008) When people buy stocks for their future, usually it is based on what the media shows is doing well. The media controls the stock market in some ways because they decide what details the average American will know about companies. If there is a corporate person who broke some law that doesn’t even have to do with a company’s business they will still put the story in the media and will even twist it to look like whatever happened is going to reflect on how business will be with the particular company. The media influences peoples decisions on where they vacation based on what they say is the best place to go. Some airlines will make more money because of where the planes go and where the media says is the hot spot to be. In March 2009 there was a news report done by ABC News on how Cuba may become the next hot spot to vacation (Seaney, 2009).It is pretty obvious what happened after the report aired. More than likely more people started going to Cuba to Vacation, and on top of that it made Airlines decide to start thinking about flights to Cuba in lieu of the future vacationing Americans. The main airline that has been looking into this since that news article is Spirit Airlines. Once a representative was finally contacted about the article and the plans to expand their flights to Cuba, the representative said that the company will be evaluating the destination and will likely start a flight there once the ban on travel is lifted. Just think of the money that the media could be given to host commercials on their channels for just the one Spirit Airline? Look what has happened. The media in turn for endorsement money can promote certain spots, knowing that people will go to the spots because of their media coverage, and now because of that, certain airlines will not only make more money from sales but what is going to happen to their stock trade amounts? Obviously they will grow and become worth more money. It is just a vicious cycle and there is nothing that we as the people can do about it. The media has a big influence on problems that the everyday teenager has. The media makes a big importance on physical appearance of people. This causes many problems with teenagers. The media covers events in their stories that make teenagers think that they need to be super skinny to be attractive; this in turn can cause diseases like anorexia and bulimia among many teenagers. As it shows below in this graph, there are many reasons for eating disorders among teenage girls. Notice though, aside from a low self-esteem (which will be found in all the other reasons as well) the media is the biggest reason for eating disorders among young girls (Dole, 2008)....
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