Negative Implied Messages of Beauty and the Beast.

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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The Disney move Beauty and the Beast Beauty portrays several negative if not dangerous implied messages. In the prologue, a young enchantress tests a young, handsome prince. Although the prince is handsome, his heart is cruel and dark. VE: 0:30s. The main protagonist is Gaston. He is rude, self-conceited, and narrow minded. He is considered the town hero and holds power among the towns-people. The two main, male roles are both handsome on the outside, but self-seeking on the inside. This portrayal of strong male figures shows them as shallow and arrogant. This is an unfair first look at men. The negative implied message is all men are conceited.

Bell, the female protagonist, offers herself as the Beast’s prisoner in replace of her sickly father. She places herself in a dangerous situation by doing so. She associates herself with a violent, unpredictable man. Bell interprets the Beast’s violence as being misunderstood. She repeatedly returns to the Beast, placing herself in unsafe circumstances again and again. When the Beast is injured, Bell blames herself. VE: 3:20w. This is often seen in abusive marriages. The man takes his anger out on the wife and the wife in turn blames herself for not being good enough. Bell shows young girls that being with an abusive partner is acceptable because they are always handsome and everything is alright in the end. In most cases, this is not true, but it puts women in dangerous situations.

In Beauty and the Beast, the Prince is turned into a hideous beast because his heart is dark. Bell, the innocent town girl, has a young beautiful face. Only when the Beast learns to love and be kind, does he turn pretty again. This exaggeration on beauty suggests that if someone is ugly their heart is the same. The handsome boys are the “Prince Charmings.” The boys who aren’t good-looking are bitter and cruel. This is the same with the girls. This goes...
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