Negative Gender Stereotypes

Topics: Gender, Man, Masculinity Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Every day, everyone is bombarded with a copious amount of advertisements. Most people are exposed to about hundreds of ads on a daily basis from a wide variety of sources. These ranges from billboards, to bus ads, to TV commercials, and even those news paper ads that no one remembers. About 65% of the ads viewed on a daily basis are commercials. The younger generation spends more time on TV or on social media websites, thus the youth is exposed to more commercials on a regular basis. The message shown in ads have made the younger generation more self-aware of their image of having the “perfect” body shape, and being up to date with the latest product to fit in amongst their peers. With people getting bombarded with ads from all directions, people are more concern about which products to get than anything else. Advertising companies target girls and make them believe they always have to have the latest fashion. Even television series enforce negative gender stereotypes by showing that in order for not to be a social outcast, the latest fashion is a must for girls. For example, a popular show called Gossip Girls shows the division between popularity and non popularity. It is shown that the popular girls are highly fashionable. Advertising agencies are more prone to target these groups and market these products in an effective way that makes girls believe that they need a particular product to fit in. This gives young girls a negative conception of fitting in. It is not only females that are being targeted. For males, ads tends to focus more on technology and sport equipments, enforcing the idea that in order to be more masculine or “cool” males need to have these products. For example, all the iPhone commercials don’t have girls talking about the iPhone but rather males. This shows that the product makers believe it’s better suited for males. This creates a negative gender stereotype for male, and doesn’t allow them to be different from the norm, or they...
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