Negative Effects on Teenagers in the Fast Food Industry

Topics: Adolescence, Fast food, Fast food restaurant Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Negative effects on teenagers in the fast food industry

Competition within the fast food industry is a difficult challenge which can take a toll on the youngest employees: teenagers. The very nature of the industry can sometimes harm teenagers in the process of producing profits. Inexpensive labor is considered essential for competing in the industry, but some of the young teenagers may become victims of exploitation. Some companies target the young and poor demographic and can guide them to become career low wage earners. Eric Schlosser from Fast Food Nations would exemplify such association, “Harrison is where you will find an abundance of fast food workers.” The young teenage employees can experience negative effects such as negligence of their studies, their aversion to work, and followed by their exposal of crimes that can impede the teenagers’ future. Teenagers are at an age when they like to be mentally stimulated. They are more than capable of picking up things quickly such as taking an order with proper etiquette and professionalism. It’s also a past time activity which comes with financial benefits. Daren Devine shows a similar agreement from his study, “he found 90% of parents think working in restaurants like McDonald’s is good for their children.” Daren Devine’s study summarizes Professor Furnham’s promotion of how teenagers benefit from this experience. But, it’s only a summary of 475 people without any race specification. It could’ve been a selection of the most successful U.S. natives instead of including ones that are poor immigrants. Similarly, a lot of low-income racial minorities in the United States hold a major part of the employment numbers in the fast food industry. Likewise, there are studies of when some parents’ dependence is onto their teenagers to provide living expenses. It may be because those parents may be immigrants from another country whose living standards are much lower than that of United States, and they may need...
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