Negative Effects on Globalization

Topics: Culture, Country Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: March 8, 2013
The negative impacts of Globalization on the hospitality industry are asfollows: 1.
Language Barriers:Due to Globalization, the hospitality Industrycan employ people from different countries – as it is usuallycheaper – they may sometimes have problems in communicatingwith the customers. Many customers get quite irate as a result of this. 2.

Cultural Barriers:As there are people from various cultures, oneneeds to be careful not to offend them. For Example, a muslim willnot eat pork – one needs to make sure not serve food whichcontains pork.(unless specifically asked). What s acceptable byone culture may be frowned upon by another. 3.

Events/Disasters in other Countries:A disaster or even takingplace in one country may affect our country (the home country)also. For example, the financial crisis makes less people want tospend money or travel; due to increase in terrorism some visitorsget are not ready to travel to certain countries. 4.

Seasonal Employment:During peak periods, a lot of jobs areavailable but as soon as the tourists go back the jobs disappear aswell. For example: Goa – India; the locals in Goa get their incomeonly during the peak season, (Dec- Feb and April – July) after which they have no jobs and no income. 5.

Increasing use of technology to communicate:Due to internationalbarriers, there has been a steady increase in the use of technologyfor communication (through the internet, voice recordings). Thisremoves the human touch. 6.

Developing Countries:Countries that are unable to keep up withthe advancement in technology tend to lose out. Example: Africadoes not have the infrastructure or technology as yet to welcome alarge amount of foreign visitors, though it does have a lot of naturalattractions. To increase the flow, it would have to improveconditions; otherwise tourists have a vast sea of areas to choosefrom. 7.

Increase in Crime Rate: With the increase in tourists, crimesincrease too. Example: pick-pocketing, hustling, rape, smuggling....
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