Negative Effects of Televison on Children

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  • Published : February 7, 2006
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Negative Effects of Television on Children

In recent times, the mass media such as newspaper, film, radio, television and internet are the principal way to receive information. Television is the most popular medium in which the children are exposed. It has the ability to entertain and educate. Statistics show that children who spend 1500 hours a week watching television get negative effects, in different aspects, such as physical, cognitive, emotional, and social. First of all, children need to be physically well. They must exercise, as walking, playing ball, and joining sports, but television is a sedentary activity. If they spend long time in front of television, and don't exercise their bodies, there will be problems of obesity. They need healthy food too. Most of the children like eating junk food, such as candy bars, potato chips, and all that kind of stuff while they watch television. They don't like to eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, chicken, fish, etc. A Scientific American article entitled "Television Addiction" says, "Television can also contribute to childhood obesity by aggressively marketing junk food to young audiences". The same article says, "According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, most food advertising on Children's TV shows is for fast foods, candy and pre-sweetened cereals." In relation with the negatives effects in cognitive, emotional and social aspects, many children Watch a violent program on television. Sometimes they don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, and they want to do the same that they have watched on TV. Some children have hurt other children or themselves because they tried to imitate what they watched in their favorite TV program. Jeremy Lohr Dr. Jordan 4/17/98 said, "Violence can be viewed in cartoons, soap operas and prime time shows". Another problem is that when children watch television, it turns off their brain; this affects intellectual development. It is not...
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