Negative Effects of Television on Elementary Aged Kids

Topics: Television, Violence, Media violence research Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: October 27, 2011
Ashley Hanshaw

Negative Effects of Television on Elementary Aged Kids
In today's society television plays such an immense role in our everyday lives that it is difficult to see if it influences a child’s behavior. The article “Television Violence” says that television has the prospective of being a very beneficial learning tool if it is properly used and monitored by an adult. On the other hand if used in a disparaging way it could, supposedly, turn our elementary aged kids, as well as future leaders of tomorrow, into tedious kids full of hatred (65). Elementary age kids do not know the difference between real and make believe, therefore they do not understand why they should not imitate the violence they see on T.V. It is very important that an adult is present when children are allowed to watch T.V. so that they can monitor what is being watched. Children are not able to distinguish fantasy from reality; this makes it very easy for them to adopt behaviors that they see into their lives. Television is a source of entertainment, knowledge and information for any type of audience. The audiences can include children, adults and older peoples. The television inspires every individual of any age. Young children who are at the initial stages of their growth and development mostly spend their time in front of television sets, therefore it is very easy for them to adopt what they see on T.V. into their everyday lives. They get into each program, they have their favorite characters and they want to be just like them (Violent TV, movies, makes kids meaner to each other, 3). As the child watches the television programs with full attention they get inspired by the presentation of the programs and then finally try to imitate the same without knowing the depth of the activities. The children do not understand the principle that adopting the same act can be harmful for them. Children have a strong observation, on the basis of this observation they grasp...
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