Negative Effects of Television

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  • Published: October 29, 2008
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The machine that people call television is a receiver between a broadcast and the audience. In today’s society, television is the largest part of the public media; it has also become a major industry all over the world.Because of its technical developments, television has come to dominate our lifes. Television is used in many industries such as the health and education industries. Nowadays, people can find at least one television in almost every home. That machine has control over people and their lives. The effects of television have been researched many times over the years. There are positive and negative effects of watching television, but overall, its effect is negative. The biggest negative implication of television is on health, the second most important effect is on families, especially children and young people, the final negative implication of television is on leisure activities. Negative effects of television on health:

In today’s society people become addicted to television. They believe they have to watch certain television series and television shows such as continuous series, soap operas. This dependence could cause serious health problems such as obesity and diabetes. These health problems can be seen especially in children. Firstly, obesity has been rising since the early 1960s. Obesity could be caused by behavioral, environmental and social aspects (Arnas, 2006). Television is related with all these three points. Television, with advertisements, could change people’s behavior then change the eating habits. As a, social factor, television series and shows could change people’s eating customs as well. Researcher’s found that, most of the food advertisements in television, are not about healthy foods with high nutrition levels, but they are all about unhealthy food with high levels of fat and sugar (Arnas, 2006). Television advertisements directly affect the eating habits of a person. So these unhealthy foods could cause obesity. Furthermore, researchers found that the time spent watching television can be an important environmental factor, in the increase of obesity. There are many things that cause the growth of obesity and diabetes is only one of them. According to Australian doctors, the more television Australians watch the more their blood sugar levels are elevated which puts them at risk of having type 2 diabetes (‘’TV lifts diabetes risk’’, 2005). In recent studies it was shown that Dr. Aric Sigman, a psychologist, has identified the negative effects that TV. has on children. In earlier analysis, scientific studies show that Dr. Aric found the hormone melatonin is suppressed when watching too much TV. (Sigman, 2007) Research shows that children ask their parents to buy the food, especially candy or chocolate, which is on television advertisements (Arnas, 2006). If they continue eating these foods, these children will become obese and could become diabetic. Negative effects of television on children and young people: Another negative social implication of television on children and youth includes violence, attention problems and behavioral disorders. Over the past years, there has been an increase in child and youth violence all over the world. Nowadays, the biggest cause of violence is the media with the movies, television programs and television series. New movies and television programs are based on violent acts and violent lifestyles, which could very significantly affect children’s improvement. These movies are mostly abouy killing people, stealing money from people and beating people up (Nanette, 2002). While children are watching too much television, they do not focus on important activities such as reading socialising, doing homework and other types of thinking skills. Children have problems with reading activities, paying attention to their studies and also listening and understanding the language, because television has negative effects on the brain’s responsible part....
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