Negative Effects of Technology

Topics: Art, Affect, Human Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Have you noticed that we are becoming more dependant to the technology? Most of us did not even think about the effects of it, but it is changing our lives in high degrees. When we look a few years ago, we can see these changes easily. We become less communicative, less productive and ess hard-working with the rapid development of technology. We are forgetting our old habits and worths. We do not give priority to face-to-face conversations, we prefer virtual ones. We do not give importance to labor, we download kinds of art or we buy mass-produced things rather than handmade ones. Some people tend to insist on claiming that technology is a harmless thing but we should accept its negative effects. There are two main negative effects on technology on two main areas; economy and social skills. First of all, technology has affected economy negatively. With the development of technology, automation and mass-production techniques has developed, too. And they became the biggest reason for job loss. The machines are doing work of humans. Although new factories have been opening, they do not need humans for production process. There are even some factories which has no humans working there. In addition to job loss, technology also caused some kind of companies to shut down. For example, people who used to buy newspapers everyday, started to use the Internet. They do not buy newspapers, they prefer to read news from the Internet for free. It caused a decrease in the sale of newspapers and this decrease has lessened the need for publishing companies. Also, firms that print newspapers, provide paper and other supplies and deliver the newspapers to shops are affecting negatively from this. Next thing technology has affected is quality of art. Music albums, films, books and many other things are now available on the Internet. People can download everything to their computers. While doing this, they do not respect copyrights. They just...
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